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Warmest wishes

A design studio needed a holiday promo and wanted to send their clients “warm wishes.” So I wondered, “What if those wishes got a little too warm?”

The idea started small, but like all holiday promotions at design agencies, it “blossomed” into much more. The animation you see above is an assembly of clips that would play on an interactive site, which had a button where users could make the wishes warmer (by adding more logs to the fire).

The design was also turned into an animated lenticular greeting card, which was mailed to clients with a URL to the promo website.

It’s a good thing cats have nine lives. Nutcrackers are a different story.

My roles

  • Story/concept development
  • Motion designer
  • Print designer
  • Illustrator
  • Animator

Final lenticular greeting card design. The image would change based on what angle you viewed the card from.

Early card concept

Early card concept

Early animation concept

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